How to choose lipsticks for dry lips?


Everyone wants their lips to stay smooth, and hydrated, and it should also shine most of the times. Most women love applying lip balms, and lipsticks but those who suffer from dry lips – mostly stay away from applying lipsticks because they do not suit their skin and gets peeled off.

In those cases, it is preferred to apply lip balms that are hydrating and also has SPF in it. They keep the lips soft, and hydrating. But is it so, that women with dry lips can never use any sort of lipsticks?

Well, people with dry lips can of course apply lipsticks but they need to be extra careful when they are doing lipstick online shopping. Not every sort of lipstick is for them. There are some variations, that one can buy, and apply being stress-free because they will not stick to the lips and peel the skin away. These days many lipstick, and makeup brands are coming up that uses plant-based ingredients to make their products, and try to add a lot of moisturizing agents in them.

Find lipsticks as per your skin type

Lip products are made by endless brands these days, and it is good for people that there are plenty of good quality products available in the market. Not only lip products, but various makeup items are made according to different skin types, and one can easily have their pick.

Not only lipsticks, but every make up products – from foundation to BB cream, to concealer – one needs to find a match that not only suits the skin type, but also the skin tone. Matching these products as per skin tone can be quite a task, but shopping online means one can get clear images where they can see the color properly, and how it looks once applied.

Because of online platforms, it is true that things have become easier, and convenient. One can find almost everything there, and that too in unlimited brands. There is a massive collection at well-known cosmetic sites, and sometimes one may also feel a bit overwhelmed to choose from them. No matter what one does, they should remember that it has to be always quality over quantity – as one is going to apply it on their skin at the end of the day.

A good quality lipstick or a foundation does not mean that they will be expensive all the time. There are many brands that offer high quality products in an affordable price and that too in many varieties. If one is fed up of using lip balms because they have dry lips – the time has come to find the right set of lipsticks for them.

Are liquid lipsticks good for dry lips?

The answer is yes. One needs to find a good quality liquid lipstick that come with a matte finish. Most women with both dry and oily lips can use this variation, as they are not only hydrating but they never leave any extra shine on the lips. The price of liquid lipsticks can vary depending on the brand, quantity, and of course the quality. But just because some lipstick is pricier than the other does not mean they are better.

When buying liquid lipsticks – one has to go through products and check the reviews, and ratings given by the users who have bought them previously. Seeing customer’s reviews can help one a lot of zero down on a product. In the age of social media, one can also find videos where makeup experts keep reviewing products telling which is a good brand, and what one should avoid. Following that can be very helpful too. Hence, these days if one researches well before buying a product – there are hardly any chances that they will regret it later.

When one browses through a website – they can find each brand have listed their products separately according to their price tags. They also mention if they have any discounts going on the products. Also, if one is interested in buying lipsticks, they also have a separate section where different branded lipsticks are arranged with their price, and type.

Lipstick hacks one must know

Most women love lipsticks and if they buy lipstick online, they can lay their hands on endless variations. But one should also know, that apart from applying it on the lips – one can use then in unusual ways too!

  • Having a liquid lipstick in the makeup box can be a lifesaver if one has run out of blush. If one wants to create a monochromatic look – then they can use a small quantity of it and apply it on the cheeks by mixing it well. Choosing a lip color as per the skin tone can give one a shiny look at the end.
  • Sometimes applying creamy matte lipsticks on the eyelids can give them a distinctive eyeshadow color. This can be easily blended with fingertips or a brush. Using lipsticks as eyeshadows mostly work because they have a creamy finish, and it stays for longer hours. It also provides one with a distinctive eye look.
  • This can sound a bit rare but one can actually make nail colors out of lipsticks. For this, one needs liquid lipsticks though. Combining a dab of clear nail polish with any shade of liquid lipstick, and can apply it on their nails.
  • Using lipsticks as contouring tools can help one to get a beautiful shape of the face. Lipsticks can be easily applied on the jawline, cheekbone, and sides of the nose to get a flawless finish. But one has to choose a lip color that is a few shades darker than one’s natural skin tone. Tinted lipsticks are the best in these cases.

While buying lipsticks or any other makeup product, one must also see if they are cruelty free or not. These days, if things are made more of natural ingredients – then it is better to buy them. Especially if one has dry lips, they must check if the lipstick they are buying has Aloe Vera or honey in it.

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