5 myths about oiling your hair regularly


Oiling hair regularly is an age-old method that has been practised for ages. While oiling hair regularly has many benefits, the same cannot alone meet all the requirements of your hair and scalp unless the oil contents are good enough. Before oiling your hair with just any hair oil, there are many vital things that need attention-

  • Know the issues or hair problems you might be facing like hair fall, slow growth, breakage, premature greying, etc.
  • Know if the quality of hair is affected by both internal and external factors including diet, harmful UV rays, pollution, genetics and many more.
  • Know all the details about the products you have been using.

While most of these issues can be addressed by the application of hair oil, you need to see what hair oils you are applying. There are many manufacturers of organic hair oil which can promise better results. Moreover, there are many myths of using hair oils too.

Various Misconceptions of Using Any Hair Oil

Let us go through some of the highly believed myths about hair oils.

Myth 1: Oiling Hair is not a Necessity

You may rely on shampoos and conditioners which will help you keep your hair soft and good-looking. But you cannot expect results in hair fall, brittle hair, dryness, dandruff, etc. It is only through using hair oil regularly that will help you rejuvenate and nourish it from the roots. Organic hair oil forms an environment to grow hair and keep hair nurtured and well-maintained.

Myth 2: Oiling Hair Attracts Dirt and Clogs Pores

If you believe that hair oil causes greasy scalp and attracts dirt, get your facts straight! The scalp secretes natural oil, which along with external dirt particles and flakes causes clogged pores. Oiling hair can help to loosen such flakes. However, it may be advised not to keep hair oil for too long, rather keep hair oil overnight and wash it the next morning. Also, using organic hair oil that has amla, peppermint, etc. can help to disinfect the scalp.

Myth 3: Hair Oil Increases Dandruff

It is important to understand why dandruff happens in the first place. Dandruff is a type of fungus that can cause serious problems related to the scalp. The major reason behind dandruff is lack of moisture, which may be the result of not oiling your hair frequently. On the other hand, excessive use of chemical products like shampooing daily, hair gel, hair spray, etc. can be the underlying reasons for dandruff too. This is when you must try medicinal products dedicated to reducing these fungal infections. But oiling regularly and washing them thoroughly can keep your scalp and hair hydrated.

Myth 4: Oiling Hair Won’t Grow Hair

Hair growth does not solely rely on oiling nor does it provide all the nutrients for hair growth. The necessary hair protein known as keratin is a vital nutrient that makes your hair grow at the cellular level. Oiling your hair is important to provide your hair with the proper nourishment it needs. Vital nutrients like fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. help to combat a number of problems. Ingredients like bhringraj, amla, shikakai, etc. are some of the finest herbs that support hair growth. So, choosing organic hair oil can be a more suitable option.

To conclude, you must keep in mind the importance of oiling your hair from time to time. Learn the fact that hair oil is actually an excellent addition to your hair care routine but not your haircare routine itself. So, if you are relying only on it and dreaming about having beautiful and lustrous hair, it is time to wake up.

Plan your hair care properly, choose the best organic hair oil, shampoo, conditioner and hair serums and give yourself a healthy diet plan.

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