6 Popular Flowers for a Spring Wedding


You’ve picked out the perfect wedding dress, registered at all your favourite stores, and booked the band. So, what’s left? That’s right – choosing flowers! Your bridal bouquet will be one of the first things your guests notice, so it’s worth taking the time to choose something memorable. A spring wedding is an ideal time to embrace the season’s pastel colours and floral scents, but with so many beautiful flowers to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on the perfect blooms! Our list of the best flowers for spring weddings will help you narrow down your options and coordinate your colour scheme perfectly.You can hire the best florist in London, Ontario, to help you choose the right flowers that go well with your wedding theme.


Irises symbolize faithfulness and devotion, which is fitting since you and your significant other will remain loyal to each other till death do you part. If you hope your love will endure through thick and thin, irises will be a solid reminder of that.This beautiful flower is popularly used in bouquets and arrangements. Irises come in a variety of colours, such as mauve, deep purple, yellow and white.


In late winter and spring, tulips are a popular flower choice. These bright blooms are available in an array of colours, including pink, yellow, red, and white. Tulips also come in several different shapes, making them ideal for wedding bouquets. For example, formal arrangements can feature French tulips, while more contemporary designs might incorporate wilder tulip varieties such as fringed or parrot tulips.


A late spring classic, peonies have a light, airy elegance and come in a wide variety of colours. They’re also typically more romantic looking than other flowers. If you’re planning a spring wedding, peonies are an ideal choice.


When you think of flowers for weddings, roses are probably one of the first ones that come to mind. They’re classic and beautiful, just like a bride should be on her wedding day. They look great in bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. Choose red roses if you want your big day to have more of a classic feel or opt for pink or white if you want something more contemporary.

Calla Lilies

One of the most popular flowers in use today, Callas come in a range of colours and sizes. They’re relatively easy to use with or without other flowers and make an excellent addition to any centrepiece or bouquet. Tall, long-stemmed white callas are sophisticated and elegant. Tiny rust-coloured callas make exceptional boutonnieres.


With their beautiful blue, pink, lime green or white blooms, there’s no denying these are the perfect spring wedding flowers in London, Ontario. Known as one of nature’s happiest flowers, hydrangeas will put your big day in an even brighter mood.

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