Choosing The Best Dress in 2018


Is it possible to find a dress satisfying most or at least a few of the latest fashion trends actual this year? What will the model look like in case we try to follow the tips provided by the world-famous designers? The experts of Cattifly are going to ponder a bit on these questions.

First of all, we would like to ask what do you need following as many current tendencies regarding clothing as possible for? If it’s your big plan, the guys from Cattifly will be glad to help you. Otherwise, you can just buy a dress you prefer without taking care of fashion tips at all.

Formal dress. In case you are looking for a nice model to go to work, pay attention to tight-fitting options. There is no mistake here. According to Cattifly, in 2018 formal fashion is not about strict features only. This year you have a wonderful opportunity to choose a formal outfit with sexy details. Tempting cutouts, deep leg splits, fit emphasizing your curves – all of them are justified in 2018. Moreover, the colors of formal dresses can be more intricate than just black, gray and dark blue. Feel free to order burgundy, red and even white formal dresses this year. In addition, you can match them with amazing statement earrings or a massive sterling silver necklace. Fashion is democratic, isn’t it?

Prom dress. The experts of Cattifly draw your attention to the mix of sparkling, transparent and asymmetrical details here. Are you able to find a model including all of them – you are lucky! However, it’s enough with only one of the features for a prom dress in 2018. There will never be too much glitter this year. So in case your new prom dress resembles a shining bright pile of treasures, don’t worry – the latest fashion trends give you a right to enjoy such outfits.

Casual dress. Are you searching for a cozy and elegant model for everyday use? The guys from Cattifly recommend to choose from a wide range of knitted models offered by different brands. These dresses both look great and are very comfortable. As far as the fashion tips for 2018 are based on maximum comfort, knitted dresses are a true must-have, especially for fall-winter period.

Wedding dress. The experts of Cattifly remind: 2018 is the year of comfy clothes. And wedding fashion is not an exception. Choose a dress which you’ll be able to spend long hours in. And, of course, don’t be afraid of experiments. For example, this year many world-know designers present extremely cute collections of wedding sneakers. They’ll match a semi-transparent, sequined dress made of breathable materials, which definitely complies with every tendency regarding stylish wardrobe of the year.

We hope, the guidelines provided by the team of Cattifly will help you to choose an ideal dress for any occasion in 2018. Little effort – and you’ll get an awesome model able to surprise even your close friends

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