Everlasting Memory Foam Airplane Travel Pillow Kit


Flying is fun and quite a relaxing moment away from the everyday driving hassles. But then, while flights are fun and relaxing, they are full of stressful and uncomfortable moments. Issues such asflight delays and poor attendance by the crew are certainly unavoidable. However, things such as packing for the flight are open to adjustments.

You can decide what to carry along with you to make your flight more enjoyable. For those who are looking to give their flight the much-needed buzz, consider getting the memory foam airplane pillow kit by Everlasting. The pillow comes with a comfy eye mask and earplugs to make your flight as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Adjustable Cord Lock Strap

This airplane travel pillow kit has a flexible cord lock strap. It’s designed to lock the cushion in place and a raised orthopedic design that offers real comfort and relaxation. It’s even more comfortable than the U-shaped travel pillow. That’s not just all. The secret pocket for cell phones and earplugs will add to your flight’s comfort. Alongside the earplugs, you are getting highly fitting casing and a padded sleep mask with a flexible strap to ensure you can adjust the fitting to your preferences.

Super-Soft Velour Cover

Additionally, the pillow comes with a super-soft velour cover. The velour cover is machine-washable and removable, so you can easily clean it off the airplane germs. That’s not just all. The pillow includes a sturdy drawstring bag that is designed big enough to accommodate all the items you want to carry around. We can’t forget to talk about the 100% pure memory foam that doesn’t contain additives and aims to make the seating experience more comfortable.

Ergonomically Designed

As said earlier, this pillow includes an ergonomically raised lobe design that’s quite different from everyday neck pillows. It does offer strong neck tilt support from side to the other side, thanks to the raised lobes that make that realizable. And if you are the kind who loves music to the core, you can listen to your best tunes with the elastic pocket that’s designed fit enough for iPods and cell phones.

Packs Full Travel Set

The airplane travel pillow kit packs everything you need during your flight. It includes a travel set made up of highly protective travel bag and high-quality memory foam earplugs that have industry-leading Noise reduction rating of 33. Also included in the travel set is a padded adjustable sleep mask to make it possible for you to have a nap while enjoying the flight.

Comes with Lifetime Guarantee

I am sure you haven’t come across many airplane pillow kits that include lifetime replacement guarantees. And if you did, not many of the manufacturers heed to their promises. The memory foam airplane travel pillow kit by Everlasting comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. They promise to replace the pillow kit if it doesn’t serve as per your expectations. And considering how courteous and responsive customer support is, you should never worry about disappointments. It costs less than $40, meaning it’s quite a budget-friendly kit.

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