Find Out What Ring Best Suits Your Fingers


Choosing a ring to accessorize your outfit or for engagement is not as easy as selecting an outfit that aligns with your curves. Finding the perfect ring may be challenging, and you may find out that not every ring on the jewelry display section looks good on your fingers. Some will flatter your fingers, while others may not be the right choice for you at all. There is always a ring to flatter every type of finger and hand. Whether you are looking for Silver Rings, gold rings, or those made from nickel-based alloys, here is a guide to help you choose one that suits your fingers.

There are several things to consider when choosing rings:

  • Width and style of the ring.
  • Shape and size of the stone.
  • Size and appearance of your fingers.

Slender fingers

If you have slender fingers, choose rings that make your fingers appear wider. However, the aim should not be to overpower them. For instance, rings with tiny stones can make slender fingers appear wider. Go with wider bands as well to make your finger appear wider.

Long fingers

Although many ring styles will suit long thin fingers, you should also be careful to choose something that adds value to your hands. Long fingers pair well with round or princess-cut stones. Moreover, rings with wider bands are perfect to compliment the length of the fingers. If you have long fingers, you are free to play bold when wearing rings, but that depends on your personality.

Short fingers

If you have short fingers, find a ring that elongates your fingers regardless of its width. You can try on the oval, pearl, or marquise stones, which tend to lengthen the fingers’ appearance. Alternatively, you can choose rectangular-shaped stones which elongate short fingers, but it should not be dramatically big. When it comes to the width, go for narrow or slender rings to create an illusion of length.

Wide fingers

With wide fingers, the trick is choosing a ring that doesn’t reveal too much skin on the sides of the finger, or else they will appear wider. On the contrary, if you have wider fingers, you can experiment with different styles such as classic and funky looks. Choose rings with emerald, broad oval, marquise, or rectangular shapes. Such rings may be wide, but on the other hand, narrow stones make wide hands appear more extended. Go for round stones and cluster styles to flatter your wide fingers and select medium to thick bands. You can also consider asymmetrical and angular designs, which tend to minimize the finger’s width.

Large knuckles

If you have big knuckled-fingers, do not assume that you wouldn’t find the perfect ring. The secret is choosing rings that draw the attention away from your knuckles to the middle of your finger. Choose heavier and thick bands that bring all the attention to the middle of the finger.

Small hands

If you have tiny hands, the best thing is to maintain the position of a small ring. Oval, princess-cut, heart-shaped and small round stones work well with smaller hands.

Large hands

Large hands are the perfect ones to experiment with large and chunky styles of rings. Try out bigger rings that suit your style and personality.


Everyone has unique fingers and hand shape, which is what goes into consideration when choosing the ideal ring. All in all, feel free to try on different rings and see what style suits you best.

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