Possibility of Calculating Amazon Best Sellers Rank By Category


There are different categories in Amazon with different Best Seller Rank, otherwise referred to as BSR. Every BSR depends on the total number of sellers of products in the catalogue category. A good example, for instance are Home and Kitchen, considering the fact that there are lots of products in that are under this category. Therefore, a 30,000 rank in Home and Kitchen is better off when compared to a 20,000 rank in Kitchen and Dining that have smaller number of product for sale. In other words, Jewellery, Clothing and Shoe category in Amazon are in millions, hence making it difficult to know the ranking.

What to Consider When Calculating Your Best Sellers Rank

  • Velocity of your sales
  • Number of reviews
  • Location of your traffic
  • Number of conversation you are getting.

You will realize that by generating too much external traffic and lead them to your products in Amazon, there is high tendency to shoot up your sales rank. The reason is that the algorithm rank of Amazon will rank you higher as a result of that. However, whenever it discovers that much traffic are visiting your product page in Amazon, you will be moved higher in ranking. This implies that, you are moving to higher Amazon best sellers rank by category. When you compared this act of ranking to those that just run their PPC on the Amazon, you will realize that such product will only rank a bit if you are getting conversions. When people click on your ad and purchase your product, surely you will be ranked.

Fundamentally, you must ensure that you are ranking based on your keywords and that you are visible organically, and as high as possible for those specific phrases. That is exactly what it is all about. At the moment, what I discovered is that if you move from Home and Kitchen to Kitchen and Dining, you will realize that the major difference is in people who are looking for sub-categories. Assuming you are ranked higher in the Kitchen and Dining and people are searching in the sub-categories, when shopping, there is more tendency of purchasing your item under the Kitchen and Dining, as compared to those under the major category of Home and Kitchen. Amazon Best Sellers Rank by category is all about the products and the type of category that suits it, including where the customers are getting those items when searched. In the current dispensation,  this is the more reason why you see Amazon being flooded by Amazon Best Sellers Rank by category. Every time, Amazon keeps changing its category structure, within a short time, you can find your product moved categories which greatly affected the sales. The reason is that the product is not visible on the search. The type of category you fall into has a great impact on your visibility when searched for relevant keyword category.

Nevertheless, be reminded that it is not only to ensure that your Amazon best seller rank is higher in a specific category more than other but ensure that your item is also being listed perfectly at the right Amazon best sellers rank by category. With this, you will be seen organically when searched for your keywords. That is, if somebody typed a specific keyword phrase, organically, you will be visible in the search results and found among the first three pages of the search engine. It is very important to run PPC aggressively to that particular keyword phrase and ensure that you are seriously converting.

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