Cell phones do all that we expect them to do. From dealing with our timetables to giving us updates about the weather as well as the latest sports results. The most significant thing is that they tell time, and that’s why they have succeeded in replacing watches in most parts of the world. Some people think wrist watches are a thing of the past. But is it really true? I don’t think so. All things considered, I am here to reveal to you a lot of benefits as well as a couple of disadvantages of wearing a wristwatch such as Rolex Sea Dweller in the present cell phone society.


1. Of course it tells time

We should start with the best advantage of wearing a wristwatch and the essential reason it was made – to be a clock. At some point before wrist watches transformed into a fashion thrill, trust it or not, these little gadgets has an advantageous use. Wrist watches are still the best for time. You can simply turn your wrist and see time unlike a cell phone which you have to first pull out of your pocket just to see time.

2. It is fashion

If you have been chasing down a way to convey through your outlook, wearing a wristwatch may be an astonishing point to start. These little timepieces hold to some degree a novel place among the fashion items, especially for men. You can wear it in a party or to a friend’s wedding. It definitely will contribute to your outfit.

3. Watch collection can be a hobby

Collecting the watches may be addictive as there is no absence of wristwatches in the commercial centers. As each watch have its individual and particular characteristics. Some people make it a hobby to collect watches. And this hobby itself is stylish. You can build up an assortment of watches which you can use at different occasions as per the requirement.

4. Indication of maturity

As much as wrist watch is a fashion thing, a wristwatch can in like manner demonstrate your age. It shows the attitude of the wearer. That’s why it is most suitable to strike business deals. It is a sign that you have grown old.

Con of wearing a wristwatch:

1. Solace:

When it is incredibly warm outside, you sweat like crazy where the timepiece is around your wrist. This causes a bit of problem. This sweat can be a problem for you. But a good thing is that most of us use air conditioners in the summer season. Also, tissues are a common thing at offices. So sweat should not be a problem.

2. Size

In spite of the fact that wall clocks are definitely not hard to peruse and examine, wrist watches may be difficult to disentangle either because of their more little size or in perspective of a glare actuated by the sun when you are outside. But these problems are not of great concern for watch lovers. These benefits of wrist watches far outweigh their disadvantages.

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