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When it comes to high-heeled heels, we have a soft spot for them. All of these have fallen out of favour, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they reappeared shortly with the fashion industry’s cyclical nature. You can search for heeled sandals Hong Kong, and you will get plenty of choic

Types of heels

There are so many types of heels for women, and a few are the following.

  • Kitten heels are a great combination of comfort and elegance. They’re perfect for festivals or work activities where you won’t need the extra height but will be standing for a long time.
  • Pumps, also known as high heels, are often larger and between 2 and 3 inches tall. They usually have a low cut in the front.
  • Stilettos are the largest of all the high heels, reaching up to 8 inches. Although these heights can make walking difficult for others, they are valuable because they lengthen one’s legs. In addition, because of their height, many stilettos are also platforms.
  • Ankle strap heels are a Clickless squad favourite, and they’re really common right now. The height of the heel can vary, but the strap that wraps around the ankle makes the heels more stable and comfortable to walk in is a common denominator.
  • Wedge heels and wedge sandals are two distinct styles of wedge shoes. Wedge shoes are flat with the sole, much like a high heel, and there is no gap between the heel and the sole.
  • Wedge sandals have a more open sandal upper than wedge heels and have the same style of heel.
  • Cone heels are wider at the sole and thinner at the base, forming a cone shape. Consider the bottom of the foot to be an ice cream cone. Please don’t eat your shoes, even though we know how much you enjoy them.
  • Unlike ankle strap shoes, the slingback heel has just one strap that wraps around the back of the Achilles heel. It gives it a more elegant appearance while still maintaining the stabilization function. Platform heels range in height from low to tall. The part of the shoe under the heel is smoother, which is what makes the base.

You can also shop Loafers for women Hong Kong, which is no longer just for prep school; they’re the right shoe for going from work to play every season. The menswear-inspired look isn’t just for the boys anymore since it’s now available in snakeskin, leopard, and even silk and fur for the ladies. Then, of course, there are the ever-popular backless styles, but loafers are being elevated (literally) for 2020 with block heels, chunkier soles, and luxe-feeling fabrics such as mock-croc.

Knowing your shoe meanings is a valuable ability if you’ve recently started working in a shoe store and want to be able to speak the lingo, or you’ve recently been particularly into fashion.

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