Shopping For Men’s Watches? Here Are The Dos and Don’ts


A watch is an essential piece in a man’s attire. It tells about your personality, social class, and time. Also, the timepieces come in great styles, colors, materials, and designs to enhance your masculine appearance.

As such, owning a watch is a great desire for many. But given how pricey the timepieces are, you must ensure you get everything right when investing in one. The easiest way to get it right when buying your watch is by all the dos and don’ts.

Here are the dos and don’ts when buying men’s watches.

Dos when buying men’s watches

1. Buy from a reputable dealer

Due to the high demand for men’s watches, the market has numerous counterfeits. Such pieces are aimed at exploiting you and can ruin the whole experience of wearing a watch. Working with a reputable and credible dealer is one of the best ways to avoid losing money on counterfeits.

You can access a legitimate dealer or manufacturer by seeking recommendations and reading reviews from past clients. Also, you can check their licenses to ensure you buy quality and legitimate watches for men.

2. Pick the right material

The material of watches for mendetermines their comfort, functionality, and durability. You’ll get men’s watches in various materials, and based on the occasion and personal style, you can choose the right one. Your options will include metal, leather, plastic rubber, and others. A metal band is ideal for formal wear, while leather and rubber are perfect for fashion.

3. Know the type of watch movement

After determining your style, you must decide the kind of movement you want. You’ll get watches with different movements, but the main ones are mechanical and Quartz.

Mechanical watches use a convoluted system consisting of essential components, which turns the hand of your watch at a tuned pace. This type is suitable for people who highly appreciate the craft. Quartz is an analog, battery-powered watch ideal for people who need accurate and less complicated watches.

4. Consider your lifestyle

Start by looking at your lifestyle and priorities when buying men’s watches. You might aim to have a nice watch that you can wear during the day or a more sophisticated one for special occasions. Also, it would help to consider the activities you’d be doing while wearing the timepiece. For instance, if you want to play sports or do heavy-duty work, you’ll need a watch that can handle heavy movement and shock.

5. Consider the availability of accessories

It is normal for a watch to break down at some point. Men’s watches are expensive, and the cost of replacing them is high. So you need to check the availability of spare parts and accessories necessary for the watch’s functionality. You can check with your dealer or a specialty about the tools or check on the manufacturer’s manual.

6. Know the feature of the watch

The features of the watch will inform your decision to buy. Pick a timepiece that contains all the features that will help you attain the purpose of the watch. Start by identifying the purpose of the watch, such as occasions, diving, sports, etc. Knowing this will help you narrow your options and pick the right features.

7. Choose the right color

The right color will depend on your lifestyle, purpose, and requirements. You’ll find various colors of men’s watches ranging from black, brown to silver. Choosing the right color will add elegance to your outfit and help you make a statement.

8. Pick the perfect size

The right size will enhance the comfort and functionality of your watch. Your watch should not overwhelm your wrist or appear too small. You’ll need to consider your wrist size when choosing a suitable fit. Try on different watches to find the ideal fit. Also, check the case diameter, thickness, length, and adjustability of the strap or bracelet.

9. Choose the right brand

Choosing the right brand for men’s watches can be daunting. The brand is numerous, each with unique watches and features. Awareness of the brands will help you choose one that offers reasonably priced quality items. Also, getting their item’s spare parts and accessories will be easier.

10. Have a budget

The prices of watches for men vary and can be expensive. The cost depends on the features, dealer, brand, size, material, etc. And though it’s advisable to spring for a little more when you find the right one, having a budget is essential. It will help you manage your expenses to avoid a financial crisis.

11. Pay attention to the level of watch maintenance

Purchasing watches for men is not all about fun and games. It requires you to be responsible for caring for and maintaining it. You’ll need to service the watch and practice several maintenance practices.

Ask your dealer if they have a service center or the maintenance practices it requires. Knowing the level of maintenance before buying will help you pick a suitable watch that fits your lifestyle.

Don’ts when buying men’s watches

  • Blindly following watch trends

You’ll find hi-tech watches with computer like-features in the market today. But that doesn’t mean they’re right for you. The features might be ideal for a specific lifestyle but not fit your purpose or day-to-day activities. So don’t mindlessly acquire men’s watches based on social media trends.

  • Buying a watch that’s too loud and distracting

A perfect men’s watch should be good for daily use, your environment, and your day-to-day activities. Pay attention to buying a watch that serves that purpose without distracting you or others.

  • Don’t compromise quality for design

You’ll likely get lured by men’s watches’ stylish and lavish designs and discount their quality. Getting carried away by the aesthetics is a huge mistake that can ruin your experience and waste your money. Your priority should be quality, design, and functionality.

  • Don’t be an impulsive buyer

Buying a suitable men’s watch should take time to ensure it has all the necessities you need. So, plan and prepare to know the type, size, color, material, and price of the specific watch you need. Remember, the piece will be an investment and part of your life, so buy wisely and soundly.


Buying men’s watches can be a daunting and confusing task. If you do it right, you’ll have a perfect timepiece. But if you get it wrong, you’ll get an undesirable watch, ruining your outfit and experience. Fortunately, if you apply the above dos and avoid the don’ts, you can buy excellent watches for men seamlessly.

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