Streetwear Brands To Wear In The UK In 2022


Streetwear has been a popular fashion trend for many years now. It is arguably one of the longest-serving trends in the fashion industry. Furthermore, several streetwear brands are common in the UK, some are far more expensive than others. It is common for major high street stores to be changing their shelves for streetwear style brands. Here are some of the best brands that you should be wearing this year.


Streetwear has been around for a long time now. One of the first brands to introduce the world to streetwear is Supreme. It is also one of the more expensive brands out there and is easily the most expensive brand on this list. The reason why this price tag is so high is because of the marketing method that they have.

Supreme’s way of releasing clothes has inspired many brands around the world to do the same. They limit the number of items which then builds hype around the brand, allowing to increase the price of their clothing. This marketing method has attracted a lot of luxury brands to collaborate with Supreme.

It is no doubt that Supreme is one of the most popular streetwear brands out there in the market. That is why many other brands have collaborated with Supreme. Some of the brands that have collaborated with them so far are Gucci, North Face and Louis Vuitton.

The North Face

The streetwear style that is common in the United Kingdom is very different to the rest of the world. For example, the United States prefers graphic clothing with their streetwear style, similar to Supreme and Stussy. Japan prefer their branded clothing that is mixed with graphic clothing as well. The North Face is one of those brands that many people prefer to wear in the United Kingdom. It is branded clothing that is much simpler compared to Japan. Although graphic clothing can also be spotted in the UK.

The North Face never intended to be the type of brand that it is known as today. Originally, the brand designed clothes for mountaineering. Now, they design clothes that are more suitable for mens streetwear. Although they have adapted their clothing range to what it was originally intended for, they still design clothes that are suitable for going outdoors. Some of the most popular clothes are still worn today such as the 1996 Nuptske Puffer jacket.


The newest brand that is mentioned on the list, Palace was founded in 2009 and was popular with the skater community. Their quick rise in the fashion industry attracted a lot of attention including football hooligans. Palace is a relatively expensive brand for streetwear however, their garments are recognised across the world. Palace, founded in London, have a similar marketing method to Supreme. This is to cause a hype around the brand and their clothes, encouraging the customers to buy the items quicker.

To Conclude

There are hundreds of streetwear brands out there. These are the brands that are going to be the most common throughout the United Kingdom. If these brands are slightly out of your price range then shop around to find the other streetwear brands that specialise in mens full tracksuits and other streetwear style clothing.

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