Tasting specialty coffee


Specialty coffee is often produced in specific regions: Ethiopia, Colombia, Kenya or Guatemala, and it goes even further – the emphasis is on single origin coffee, which comes from a specific region or even from a single farm. This emphasizes the unique taste associated with its origin. In addition, this coffee often has certifications such as Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance or Direct Trade. This indicates a commitment to quality and ensures that farmers are fairly compensated and that a particular vendor’s purchasing practices are ethical and sustainable. So, if you want to try a unique drink, it is best to find specialty green coffee beans from a trusted seller. Use the following tips:

Select supplier

Choose a roaster or retailer that focuses on quality, sustainability and ethical sourcing. They should also be known for their commitment to quality and transparency. Specialty coffee suppliers typically provide detailed information about the coffee’s origin, processing method, and flavor notes. Look for flavor notes that suit your preferences.

Some specialty coffee drinkers prefer to buy directly from coffee producers or cooperatives. This approach allows us to establish a direct connection with the people who grow and process the coffee. It can also provide greater transparency in the sourcing process.

Consider the roast level

Specialty coffee is often roasted to bring out its unique flavor. The degree of roasting can vary from light to dark. Select a roast level that matches the coffee’s characteristics and your taste preferences.

Look for fresh coffee

Look for coffee with a roast date on it so it doesn’t sit on the shelf for too long, as it’s best to drink it fresh. Coffee usually reaches its peak flavor several weeks or months after roasting. When purchasing green coffee, you have the opportunity to experiment with the degree of roasting yourself.

Experiment with coffee brewing methods

Invest in quality coffee equipment and follow brewing methods that bring out the flavor of your coffee. Experiment with variables such as grind size, water temperature, and brew time to optimize the quality of your coffee.

Diversify your taste palette

Specialty coffee offers a wide range of flavor profiles and experiences. Feel free to try different coffees from different producers and roasters to find out your preferences. Keep a coffee journal to record your tasting notes and preferences.

By following these steps and exploring the world of specialty coffee, you will be able to enjoy a diverse range of high-quality coffee beans that showcase unique flavors and aroma, as well as the expertise of coffee producers and roasters who strive for excellence.

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