A few benefits come with straw hats. They have a full brim that might enhance your facial features, but they don’t carry the same social stigma as felt fedoras. A conventional piece of headwear like this can be more attractive than floppy baseball hats, which largely conform to the shape of your head.

Your face can appear longer thanks to a crown, and the brim frames your features. You have a good, practical explanation for wearing a straw hat because they are only appropriate for the spring and summer, or at least bright days. Having a straw hat on is the best feeling when the sun is all lit up on a typical summer day.

Here are the hacks to help you find the perfect men’s straw hat this summer.

Consider your head size and shape.

You ought to consider your head size and shape when shopping for a straw hat. You don’t want one that will feel too tight on your head, making you sweat even more, and you don’t want a loose-fitting one that will be blown away by the wind. You can measure your head diameter to determine your head size. Depending on your face shape, you can opt for a stingy or broader brim.

It should feel comfortable on your head.

Straw hats are known to shrink over time; therefore, you must consider how comfortable they are before purchasing. If it is small initially, it will only get worse over time. While a felt hat can be stretched back to its original shape, it is hard to achieve the same with a straw hat.

Therefore you need to ensure that the hat feels comfortable from the beginning. If it feels tight, opt for the next size up. It is better to get a bigger hat than a small one since it is easier to adjust a big straw hat by putting on a thicker sweatband.

Pay Attention to Color

If wearing a hat makes you self-conscious, go for something tan rather than bleached white. A sisal-made straw hat woven with a little looser weave and a few colors lighter than peanut butter is a good option. The combination makes the item more relaxed than your standard cream-colored straw Panama. That is a positive development, given how uncommon hats are for men these days.

Choose a Hat with a Fuller Brim

Men who are first beginning to wear hats frequently choose hats with a narrow brim, assuming that this will make their little features less noticeable. But a narrow brim often doesn’t appear particularly attractive, so a fuller brim is preferable.


Above all, a straw hat is adaptable. Depending on your taste, you can wear a straw men’s hat with suits and sports coats. However, the same hat looks great with a pair of worn-out jeans, a t-shirt, and a work coat. Or a polo shirt with a one-piece collar and a slim pair of chinos or perhaps a safari jacket and a pair of linen pants. It isn’t easy to imagine many wardrobe trends that can’t be paired with a straw hat.

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