Top 7 Rug Tips You Should Consider


As part of our daily work with clients, we guide them to the right rug. We will ask you a variety of questions such as where and how often the rug will be used. Also, we will inquire about what the client wants the rug to do in their space.

Here are some of the most requested tips.


It doesn’t happen naturally, and if you try too hard you’ll end with an artificial look. When designing a room, particularly if you are starting from scratch or redoing an existing room, a common trick is to use a rug as a guide and work from there. Begin small if you fear going bold with color. Tribal custom rugs with logo can be a good starting point. They go with everything. You will find your favorite color, and you can match it with the walls. The best thing about rugs that have many color options and design elements is that they can be changed several times during their life.

While dark colors make things appear smaller, light colors make things or spaces seem bigger. Use a light-colored rug if you have a small space to give it a larger appearance.

Many people are fixated on the color match or getting the exact shade. This is probably the most frustrating problem. Relax… Colors don’t need to match perfectly. It’s best to stick with the same hues. A bed of roses is a bed. All rose colors do not match. You will find hundreds of shades in one rose bush. Color is the easiest of problems.

Rug Size

The most common mistake made by people is to get a rug too small. Rugs that are too big can make rooms appear larger. Even though any size rug is acceptable, some rugs may not work. A small rug makes everything look small. The rug provides the base for everything else. Our rug sizes guide is also available.

Mixing Rug:

Mixing a rug can be simple. It is not as easy as matching your rug to the wall’s colors. However, your floor will be louder if they clash. One way to avoid this is to use the same colors but change the design. You could also start with a plain rug and go from there. Pay attention to the style of the rug.

The Same Rug In One room:

If you want to have the same rug in two rooms, you can. We believe it is possible to have what you like and make it work for you. A rug can be used to bring together a room. It’s a way to add plants to your space. If you do this, you should mix the color scheme of each area. Example: Do not copy and paste your living room’s colors into the dining room. You can add a new flair to each space. However, you should do what makes you happy. It is your space. You must love it!

Rug Material

Wool rugs are the most popular, but synthetics, as well as viscose and viscose, have a large market share. Many people call us asking which material they should choose. However, wool tends to have a higher cost than synthetics. Viscose is used in place of silk. It feels the same as silk but is a lot more comfortable than silk. Although it’s a bit more economical than true silk, it has the same feel as silk but is just as durable.

There are many types of wool. Wool from sheep from higher altitudes is typically finer. Additionally, wool from the neck or belly area of sheep tends to be finer. Younger, healthier animals have better wool. You only want live wool. Dead wool can be chemically removed from a deceased animal. The dead wool is rougher and has no oils.

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