What makes your Moissanite Silver Cuban Links so expensive?


For an individual who loves to invest in pieces of jewelry, the price will not be an issue because he won’t be spending for such a luxurious collection without sufficient funds. Let’s say that this is what you desire so nobody can stop you from getting a silver necklace and you buy them with your hard-earned money. Therefore, you deserve to have such jewels no matter how much these costs because it is not simply about your happiness but valuable stuff to keep for decades.

Not everybody who loves to have these accessories are fortunate enough to have genuine kinds that’s why they don’t mind buying imitations or low-quality accessories just to show their style. So if you are lucky and earn more than an ordinary individual, then you can easily manage to buy luxurious pieces of stuff anytime you wish to have them. Let’s take a look at a moissanite silver cuban chain, the ones with a clasp designed with diamonds, which makes it more pricy because this has never left the trend in the fashion and jewelry industry.

Don’t think that it would be cheaper because it is made of silver but this is still considered a precious metal and as long as it is crafted with genuine materials, then it has to be expensive. It is normal to purchase accessories that will best suit our daily outfits and I know very well that you like shopping stuff for different occasions. But I guess it would be great if we are also aware of why these necklaces indeed cost much or what things made the price go up to satisfy our curiosity.


The type of item you’re looking to buy can sometimes influence the price. For instance, because they require more chains and links, this is why necklaces are typically more expensive than bracelets.

The traditional Miami Links have distinguishing oval and circular interlocking designs. In the 1970 s and 1980 s, these link styles were increasingly fashionable in Miami and among Cubans.

Links so expensive

The prong is the second type that recently became popular. The only distinction between its chains and Miami is the sharper and deeper cuts brought forth by its distinctive woven-squared pattern – see https://www.businessinsider.com/cuban-link-chains-are-so-expensive-2021-4 for more details on why they are pricy.

Length and Size

The size and link of these Cuban chain links are often what determine their pricing. Because of their unique sizes and weights, they are frequently regarded as multipurpose jewelry pieces. The wearer typically opts for heavier and larger necklaces to display their style since hip-hop personalities wear their chains as a symbol that they are a part of this culture.

The size alters your appearance. Thinner ones will give you the delicate, timeless, and elegant appearance you want. Typically, men or women who merely desire a clean and simple look choose the ones that are less than 3 mm in thickness, though 5 mm is the standard pick.

In conclusion, because these are frequently worn in gigantic proportions, they are typically pricey. So this fashion has given rise to an appearance culture where rank and riches are correlated with chain prominence.


These are expensive primarily because they are frequently paired with gold but we now have silver as well. Cuban links are frequently made of a variety of materials, although yellow gold is the most popular. The more gold utilized, the more expensive it will be so that would range from 10 to 22 karats.

Other gold colors, such as rose and white are now being explored by the contemporary jewelry trend for a necklace. Therefore, another factor in its growth in the market is distinctiveness. Even tri-colors and variations of rainbow colors are being used in certain creative crafts.

How it is made

Today, a lot of shops are importing from different countries but there are still authentic ones handmade in Miami and they are more expensive of course – this site will show you how it is done.They are extremely dangerous and require labor-intensive to make. The craftsmen use flames that are 1000 degrees to melt the precious metal and shape it into bars.

The process will not end there because the metal has to undergo more steps. They have to roll them many times into the machine so that they can stretch it and then it will be curled for shaping. After that, they need to solder to close the links so balancing flame needs a technique, too.

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