What To Buy Him This Year For Christmas


When it comes to Christmas time, it is always hard finding gifts that he doesn’t already own. That could be for your Grandad, brother, father or friend. The issue is as we get older, we start to buy ourselves things when we need them.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that we can buy which won’t break the bank, and they might buy for themselves. If you need a little inspiration, you have come to the right place. 

A Fragrance Set

Fragrance sets can range from $30 to $100+, depending on the fragrance you buy. Furthermore, fragrances are usually things that we as men don’t buy but are something that we want/ need. Additionally, the variety of fragrances out there makes these gifts super easy.

We suggest that you check or ask what they already have. Once you know what they have, we recommend you go into the perfume store and ask what they may like. Usually, they would know what those fragrances smell like and will point you in the right direction for what you can get them. It is a simple yet very effective gift for this year. 

Kitchen Utensils

If he thinks he is a good chef but blames his quality on the lack of tools it has, this is another exceptional gift that you can buy but make sure they don’t own it already. If you live with them, check the cupboards to make sure you buy what they don’t own already. 

There are so many things you can buy for the kitchen as well. One of those could be a cast iron pan set. If they are one of those who love cooking steak recipes, this is something you should consider buying them. However, these can be expensive so make sure you save up and don’t buy this last minute. 

There are many other things you can buy this Christmas for the kitchen. A good knife or pan set is always appreciated if you know they are old. If you don’t wish to spend that much on them because money is tight, buy them a recipe book from one of their favourite chefs. 


A man can always own another sweater, there is always enough room in his drawers or cupboards. Find out their favourite brands because some men can be picky about this. Some people prefer thin sweaters and others prefer heavyweight sweaters. It all depends on their personal preference. There are many cheap men’s hoodies out there that can be purchased as well. You could also buy them a sporty t-shirt and shorts set for the summer or a full tracksuit for those who train in the winter.

A Mini Massage Gun

Last but not least, a massage gun is for those gym-goers or those who work in physically demanding jobs that cause aching muscles. A portable massage gun they can use and carry around wherever they go will be appreciated. 


So there you have it, four different items you can buy him this Christmas. As you can see, there are many options for fragrances and kitchen utensils. Even with sweaters, there are so many designs and brands where options are endless. 

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