5 Most Delicious Healthy Diwali Sweets For Loved Ones


Diwali is the most auspicious holiday celebrated by Hindus across India. We clean and decorate our house, light it up with diyas, and many others. But every Diwali is incomplete without special Diwali cakes and sweets. From luscious yet delicious Barfi to ghee-dipped Laddo are likely to suit you and your loved one’s sweet tooth. But if you pay a little attention, then all the festivals will not add unwanted calories and get you to blame. And yes, watch out for fireworks too!

In this blog, we will help you to choose the yummy Diwali sweets as a Diwali gift for girlfriend or boyfriend. You can also serve it to your guests. So are you interested in pampering your loved ones with these tasty and healthy sweets?

Dried Fruit Laddoo

For those who love sweet treats, this is an opportunity to try a laddoo made from dried fruits. These sweet little balls are filled with a combination of sweetened condensed milk, nuts, cardamom sugar, dry fruit and often sprinkled with serving syrup. Many say that the best thing about this festival is the fragrant dried fruit laddoo. And we agree, because how often do you have something heavenly like that?

Apple Pie

This Diwali sweet is a healthy dish. You can make pie crusts with oatmeal, almonds, brown sugar, and a little flour. The recipe recommends using canola oil for the peel, but using olive or coconut oil would be a healthy option. You can make a filling with apples, juice concentrate, tapioca, and cinnamon. This is a very simple recipe that is much healthier than store-bought cookie fillings.

Barfi Made Of Dates

Kaju Burfi is an Indian classic that is basically sweet during Diwali. The name Barfi comes from the Persian word for snow because of its smooth and soft texture. It is prepared with cashews, condensed milk, and sugar. However, cashews add quite a bit of fat and calories to this dish, which makes it a bit unhealthy. Cashews can be substituted for figs or dates to make a healthier sweet without losing its flavor.

Dry Fruit Kheer

Kheer is one of the most popular sweets during the festival. Just add a pinch of dried fruit to everything and make it irresistible! This fragrant dish is an ideal choice and one of the most popular sweet dishes of Diwali.

Steamed Halwa

Carrot halwa comes from sweet Arabia, but we make it our main recipe with a variety of regional flavors. To be healthier, you can reduce the need for butter in cooking by steaming carrots instead of frying them. Also, you can reduce the fat content by choosing a powdered milk base instead of rich condensed milk.

The Diwali season is exciting with delicious sweets and desserts, crunchy Namkini, and other yummy dishes. These dishes are delicious and have the added benefit of being healthy and easy to digest. Celebrate your Diwali and enjoy it all to the fullest. Along with these sweets, you can also buy other curated Diwali gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend.

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