Watch to Flaunt One’s Feminine Side


Did you know? The first wristwatch was not made for women.

It didn’t take long until the watch industry discovered that women would buy watches just as much as their male counterparts. After all, what woman doesn’t like looking at her wrist every once in a while to check up on the time?

A ladies watch can be a very important accessory for both men and women. A woman’s wristwatch not only tells the time, but it also adds to her overall look and style. There are many reasons why ladies should wear a watch:

Reason 1: A lady’s wardrobe simply wouldn’t be complete without a few sophisticated accessories. Ladies fashion watches are part of this category because it makes an outfit look even more stylish than it already is.

Reason 2: It’s a great conversation starter.

Friends complimented one on it and asked where they could get them for themselves! This led to a great conversation about this company and how much we loved their watches. And if one think about it, why not try out a new accessory? Isn’t it worth the few bucks one will spend?

Reason 3: One can read without glasses now!

In case one didn’t know yet, ladies fashion watches have made reading in dim lighting as easy as looking at their wrist every once in a while. Who’d have thought that those few seconds of glancing down at their watch are enough to read a whole line?

Reason 4: It makes people think they are busy, which means they’ll leave them alone.

Imagine this; one is in the middle of an important meeting when their phone suddenly rings. They pick up right away because it might be important, but it turns out to be just some random person who wants to know if he can borrow money from them. Does one really have time for this? Of course not! But now imagine if every time their phone rang, everyone around the table looked at their watches and inferred that there was something more important than this conversation. It would probably hit their minds that they should leave one alone, as well as take the hint and stop calling so much!

Reason 5: Whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday party or another special event, one wants to stand apart from the crowd and make a great impression. The perfect way to do this is by wearing something that nobody (or maybe only very few) people will be wearing. A watch will surely draw everyone’s attention to their wrist and away from their face because everybody will want to know what kind of watch it is. By no means this article is saying that watches are more important than actual clothes especially considering all those men who just wear jeans to important events. But it’s definitely a great accessory!

Reason 6: It’s really quite luxurious One doesn’t have to pay thousands of dollars or anything, but think about it for a second. Do one have any other clothes, shoes, bags or hair accessories that are made of real gold?. So why not try something new? Why not buy them a watch? One did and here she is today wearing this stunning piece on their wrist every once in a while!

Reason 7: It makes the perfect gift! If one has got a friend or family member who is celebrating something special, why not get her/him this gorgeous piece? It’s an affordable gift that won’t break one’s bank account, but it’ll certainly make all the difference.

Reason 8: Last but not least, having a watch saves one time! Do one remember how much time they used to waste looking at their phone every once in a while so they could know the exact time? Now they are free of this misery because using their watch ensures that they can tell the time accurately without wasting precious minutes of their life!

To justify every reason mentioned above, a citizen watch can fulfill every purpose. These were some excellent reasons why women should wear a watch.

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