7 Gift Ideas for International Men’s Day 2022


Every year, 19th November is celebrated as International Men’s Day (IMD) in different parts of the world. International Men’s Day is celebrated keeping certain objectives in mind which are known as the 6 Pillars of International Men’s Day. This day is an opportunity for everyone to appreciate the positive male role models in their lives and to celebrate the positive contributions made by these men to their community.

International Men’s Day also focuses on addressing the health and well-being of men in all areas of life such as physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. International Men’s Day was founded on the day of 19 November 1999 by a history lecturer named Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh. Since then, 19 November is celebrated as International Men’s Day every year with a secondary theme in mind which addresses a topic around the well-being of men.

International Men’s Day 2022 will be followed with the theme of “Helping Men and Boys”. To appreciate the positive male role models in your life, you can select a wonderful gift option for them. In this article, we are going to look at 7 gift ideas for International Men’s Day 2022.

Luxury Perfume

Every man needs a quality fragrance to feel ready and confident for any occasion in his life. Gifting a luxury perfume can be a perfect choice for the positive male role model in your life. Choose the right luxury perfume from the brands of EDW Essenza and Engage from the ITC Store which falls under the category of best perfume for men.

Quality Deodorant

Men need to maintain their hygiene every single day throughout the long working hours and other activities in their daily lives. You can gift a quality deodorant to your male role model that will help him to maintain his freshness throughout the day. Choose from the range of Engage deodorants that come in a variety of fragrances while also providing the necessary hygiene.

Luxury Pen

Having a luxury pen in a man’s arsenal can be a symbol of elegance and class that he can exhibit in his daily life. Gifting a luxury pen on the day of International Men’s Day can be of great value. Choose from the range of Paperkraft pens that provide the feel of luxury and elegance while writing every time.

Premium Bathing Bar

Another gift option for your male role model can be a luxury bathing bar that will help him to maintain his hygiene. Since bathing is an everyday activity, you can gift a premium bathing bar that will help your male role model to feel energized and ready for the day. Choose from the range of EDW Essenza bathing bars that come with mesmerizing fragrances that are crafted to provide a rich bathing experience.

Office Notebook

Men working in a corporate environment need to be productive during work hours to get the best possible results. An office notebook can promote productivity in a workspace in many ways due to which it becomes a perfect gift choice for this International Men’s Day. Choose from the range of Paperkraft notebooks from the ITC Store with a wide variety of quality notebooks to give a fulfilling writing experience.

Formal Shoes

Formal shoes are needed by every man to be presentable while attending a wide variety of functions and events in his life. These events may consist of presentations, meetings, formal dates, and much more. Gifting a pair of good-quality formal shoes can be a delightful gift for your male role model.

Casual Jacket

There are many casual events a man needs to attend such as parties, dinner dates, outings, and much more. A causal jacket adds an extra layer of style to one’s attire and makes the person feel much more confident. This International Men’s Day, choose to gift a quality jacket to your male role model to uplift his overall wardrobe.

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