Fashion hacks that will help you look like a celebrity


Did you ever wonder how the celebrities always look so super styled as if they’re straight out of their vanity vans?Besides their hefty budgets that they have for shopping, their superb sense of fashion makes them appear ready for the shutterbugs. As long as celebrity outfits are concerned, there is always a sense of mystery about them that is never answered. Laymen keep thinking how they always look so perfect.

Here are few of the dress like a celebrity ideas that you may try out in order to stand apart in the crowd and grab eyeballs.

You have to be a pro at mixing and matching

Regardless of whether it is floral or abstract or animal print, they will know how to nail it always. The clothes are usually from the same color family and the prints that are mixed usually differ in size. In case you wear a skirt with floral prints that are oversized, you can pair it with a polka dotted blouse where the prints are tiny. Make sure the accessories are neutral.

Try to mix trends with basics

The celebrities whom you think they’re always on-point with their fashion sense are the ones who mix trendy pieces with basic ones. If you are interested in wearing Steven Rhodes shirts make sure you team up the distressed denim with a pair of sneakers.

Toggle with the length of dresses

The celebrities are usually the masters when it comes to toggling with lengths of dresses or pants. Asymmetry and low-high, the celebrities are pros in managing them. So, when you wear a mini skirt, make sure you combine it with either a high neck top or a full-sleeve one to make yourself look like a celebrity. So, if you’re wondering about how to look like a celebrity, you should keep in mind these small tips.

Wear the color ‘white’ in a strategic manner

When the celebrities wear the color ‘white’, you should never blend it with other colors. Rather, make the white color stand out. Celebs consider the color white as pristine and hence they wear different shades by mixing and matching with neutral hues. Hence, the next time you decide wearing a basic white dress or a T-shirt, create a clash with a contrast light color, may be grey and wear the right accessories.

Wear chic flats for that fashion statement

Can you imagine it when celebrities consider flats as super-stylish? Whether they’re off-duty or at the airport, they prefer sneakers over stilettos. This is not just because they’re comfortable but that’s how they create that look. Learn to make a true fashion statement in your loafers if you want to look like a celebrity.

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