Simple traditional wedding dress for Asian Bride


Asia is a vast continent that comprises many cultures, races and religions. Therefore, there are wide varieties of simple traditional wedding dresses such as hanbok dress. Most of these traditional wedding dresses are designed with many details. All is required is style and color basics to bring famine and presentable and elegant. The following are some these traditional Asian bride dresses:

 Chinese Hanfu Costume

Hanfu is a traditional Chinese wedding dress, also known as Guzhuang or Hanzhuang, which in the English term is identified as a Chinese-Silk-Robe. Hanfu costume is beatified with a drifted out golden string, dragon graphic and phoenix. A hanfu wedding costume is typically designed with a complicated artwork that makes it look sophisticated and costly. However, it remains one of the best Asian traditional wedding dress money can buy.

Japanese Kimono costume

Kimono costume is one of the Japanese favorite wedding costumes. Kimonos are made with a T-shaped straight rope with long sleeves and wide collars. Kimono is among the traditional wedding dress made from expensive material. Also, it is time-consuming to gather the ideas and make the perfect kimono wedding garment for a bride.

 All the ideas involve lots of sewing tasks that will make the bride wait at least 5 hours for it to be completely and perfectly done. However, despite the entire task, most Japanese couples prefer buying Kimono costume for the wedding ceremony.

Indian Lehnga costume

There are many other preferable Indian wedding costumes like Sari, but besides all those designs, most Indians prefer Lehnga costume. It is one of a kind wedding dress that generally worn blending with Odhani inserted into the waist. Indians mostly prefer lehnga wedding dress from a particular location.

Unlike Sari wedding garment, Lehnga is quite lesser complicated. Additionally, this elegant costume is a simple and convenient wedding dress that allows the bride to move freely during their wedding ceremony. Thus makes it one of the best Indian wedding costumes.

Korean Hanbok costume

Hanbok dress is another traditional Korean wedding garment. A hanbok wedding costume is made with wrap-around jackets and skirts. Hanbok costume is colourful and loose comprises detailed straight rope with smooth curves. Currently, hanbok design comes with different designs and styles that have been modified and altered to suit the comfort and taste, especially for young couples.

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The current trend of Asian Bridal dress

Most Asian Culture still respects traditional attire. Most Asian families have found traditional wedding attire the most affordable and also upkeep cultural designs for generations. However, other Asian wedding designers have come up with a blend of contemporary and traditional grown. For instance, if couples prefer wearing westernized brown, and later they decide to change to traditional costume for the reception.

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