How To Choose A Dress That Flaunts Your Personality


When starting your selection of the perfect dress for yourself, remember three main things that will present your figure in a good light. Looking for the perfect silhouette, proportion and fit. When in the found dress you combine all these three elements, then believe me, it will significantly improve your appearance, and you will feel more confident just go with Bellabarnett.

1) Be Open To Experimenting With Different Types Of Silhouettes

Both wedding and casual dresses are very diverse in silhouette. Many, most likely, do not know how they will look, for example, in a mermaid dress or a ball gown. Seeing a dress in an illustration in a magazine, you cannot be sure that it will look good just on your person. So be open to new styles of dresses and try to adapt and see what improves the silhouette of your figure, that is, in what you will look better and feel comfortable on any walk or holiday.

2) How To Understand The Proportions Of Your Body

Choosing the right proportion of the dress will ensure the perfect silhouette of your look. Finding a silhouette that is the perfect proportion for your body will help emphasize the areas you would like to show and mask others.

Look at the dress from the top of your shoulders to your heels. Divide the body into 3 parts visually. For example, if you are pear-shaped, then you do not want to wear a dress that cuts your body in half, emphasizing only your chest and hips. Instead, for example, you can opt for a trapezoidal silhouette that draws attention to your waist and balances your figure.

If you are petite, then try to choose a dress that visually lengthens you. The contours of the ball gown will be overwhelming for your figure, because the fluffy skirt will make you even shorter, which will look extremely disproportionate for your height. If you choose the shape of a mermaid, the lines will give the illusion of being taller because of the long waist. A simple method to emphasize your image and waist is to decorate the belt with additional accessories that will visually give you a certain type of figure with a graceful waist (hourglass).

3) Make Sure The Outfit Suits You

Before buying, make sure that the dress suits you, you like it and are comfortable in it. After all, the dress from the cover may not always be suitable for you. You should not save too much on things, it is better to buy one dress of good quality than 10 dresses at a time. This also applies to a wedding dress, the choice of which is so difficult.

Do not buy such a dress, because of which you will pull yourself up all night before the holiday, fearing that by the morning you simply may not fit into it. If you are afraid to fall or stumble in the dress, then do not take the model on the floor. If you choose a long sleeve dress, then make sure that they fit your figure and the sleeves themselves do not fall off your shoulders.

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