Make Your Style Different With Elegant Dress Types


Lush Party Dresses

A laconic corset bodice and a fluffy skirt create a spectacular contrast of volumes, which emphasizes the fragility and femininity of the figure. The waist seems even narrower, and the hips are more voluminous and seductive. The accent on the upper part of the silhouette will be made by a curly neckline, a portrait neckline, shoulder straps lying on the shoulders, and flying sleeves.

Dress Transformer

Stylish transforming dresses allow to be different, but invariably delightful and luxurious. They combine several models. For example, a short sheath dress and a fluffy removable skirt, or a long dress with an open corset and a long-sleeved lace top. Models that include a bodysuit and a satin skirt with slits look seductive and exciting. The closed top balances the sensual bottom, even if the top is made of translucent lace or has a deep neckline.

Transformable dresses are especially good for informal parties. They demonstrate the bold character of their owner, and allow just a couple of hand movements to radically change the image.

Party Dress “Empire”

Empire party dress conquers femininity and elegance. Their features are a flowing floor – length skirt , pleats and draperies, a lightweight top, a high waist. This makes the outfit very delicate and sophisticated, and a sensual neckline or naked back will add a piquant touch.

Soft, well-draped fabrics are used for sewing. The bodice is often decorated with lace inserts and appliques, voluminous flowers, embroidery from crystals and beads. The dress can be complemented

Online Pakistani suits are particularly popular during the summer months due to the lightweight and breathable nature of the fabric. Many renowned Pakistani designers create their latest Pakistanidresses, featuring unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

Party Dress “Case”

A party dress “sheath” is a versatile option, captivating in its elegance. The model is distinguished by a semi-adjacent silhouette and the absence of a horizontal cut line. Long darts or reliefs on the shelf and back provide a soft fit. The top of the dress is decorated with an open corset bodice, straps of different widths, short or long sleeves. The classic version implies the absence of sleeves and a round neckline.

Midi-Length Party Dress

The mile length looks no less solemn, but it is more practical and comfortable. Midi party dresses for women captivate with their elegance and allow you to create any look – from discrete to spicy. The cut of the skirt varies and can be narrow, straight, flared, fluffy and even “year”.

Satin and lace, thin guipure and tulle, chiffon and organza are used for sewing. The top of the outfit is made using a strictly top, sensual neckline, various sleeves or shoulder straps.

Short Fluffy Babydoll Dress

A babydoll gown with a short skirt and high waist is a flirty and cute outfit for young girls. In its design, details typical for children’s clothing are often used: ruffles, “flashlight” sleeves, bows. The skirt is often fluffy and layered. At the same time, designers complement the models with provocative touches: deep cutouts, open backs, translucent inserts. The image turns out to be gentle and sensual.

Babydoll dresses look light and airy in pastel light shades. A pea print, light textures or delicate embroidery will help to add zest. A dress in a strawberry, juicy blue, yellow, bright pink color will bring brightness to the image.


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