Know the variation in the cost of different lighting types


If you are in the process of enjoying a new office or maybe a home, you will have to emphasize a lot on the lighting system. For this purpose, you need to take estimates from the lighting company. There are many factors on which the cost of lighting would depend upon. Let’s see the factors on which lighting factors would rely upon:

  • Wattage:The wattage means the energy efficiency of the lights or maybe bulb consumption. The more the wattage is the more the cost of operation would escalate. Your goal should be finding the best lighting system with the lowest energy consumption. Suppose a 60 watts bulb is involved, it would give a lower energy compared to a bulb that gives a much more wattage. 
  • Lumen output: This is the most important factor that influences the lumen output, in fat more wattage does not necessarily mean more luminance. The LED bulbs have consume lesser wattage but exhibit more luminance. Lamps might be responsible for producing the same bright ness but maybe it can consume lesser wattage. 
  • Average rated life: The average rated life can be defined as the time span by which the lights could be reduced to almost 70% of the present luminance. Now, there are bulbs that would reach the said luminance at a much lower time. This is the reason you should be choosy while selecting bulbs and other lighting systems.

There are certain lights which are better than the others in terms of luminance and quality.

  • LED ( this ensures the best quality light)
  1. They would offer the best return on the investment made.
  2. The average wattage involved would be 5-8 watts.
  3. The average rated life here would be 50,000 hours.

COMPACT FLOURESCENT (they are good in quality)

  1. They offer a return on cost which is lesser effective than LED but much more than that of incandescent.
  2. The average wattage involved in 13-15.
  3. The average rated life here would be 8000 hours.

INCANDESCENT (this is the worst type)

  1. The return on cost would be lesser than led and also compact fluorescent
  2. The average wattage involved will be 60.
  3. The average rated life is 1200 hours.

The cost of the lighting system would depend accordingly to the factors discussed above. While you can invest in buying a better one that would go for some more time and end up in consuming lesser electricity. You can save in terms of energy and also money. You can get an idea of the cost of the lights from the website dealing with online purchase of lights. Do a full-fledged research of the lights and other systems to have an idea of the best purchase. Your home will have different purpose of lighting schedules and various kinds of course. You will have to find meticulously the purpose of each one and the cost will vary. Read the reviews and you will definitely be able to spot the best one suiting your purpose.

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