Which Diamond Cut Sparkle the Most?


One of the best features of a diamond is its brilliance. In fact, the sparkle is what sets diamond apart from other stones. Be it a ring or stud, the beauty of diamonds is reflected in the light that it captures. Of course, all diamonds sparkle. But, some cuts capture the ray of the light better than others.

When it comes to diamond jewelry, many women want the most sparkly ring they can get their hands on. Do you want to buy your significant other a diamond that is big but doesn’t reflect much light? Or, do you want a sparkly ring that can grab the attention of someone? Well, one of the best ways to achieve sparkly diamond jewelry with its brilliance is to pay attention to the shape of the diamond. There are several diamond shapes, and all cuts are not equal in terms of brilliance. In fact, there is a reason why still the round diamond is still the number one seller in the jewelry stores in Albuquerque. J

How does a diamond shape affect its sparkle?

When the light shines on the diamond, it gets reflected on the diamond surfaces before reflecting back out in the form of sparkle. Each diamond shape has its own unique facet pattern, which gives the cut their identities. Although each diamond shape has a unique brilliance associated with it, the brilliance of each stone is determined by the quality of the cut.

While a diamond’s shape is a crucial factor in terms of sparkle, there are other factors to consider. A high-quality diamond cut will be more brilliant than a lower quality one. That is why it is essential to purchasing from the reputed Albuquerque diamond jewelers. An inexperienced cutter could misalign the facets that will limit the amount of sparkle in the diamond. Excellent cuts exhibit beautiful spacing with good balance, symmetry, and proportion. So, choose one of the best jewelry stores in Albuquerque.

Here is a look at the brilliant diamond shapes:-

  • Most brilliant – Round
  • Extremely brilliant – Oval, Marquise, and Pear
  • Very brilliant – Heart and Princess
  • Brilliant – Cushion, emerald, Asscher, and Radiant
  • Less brilliant – Baguette cut

These diamond cuts are brilliant options for those who are looking for a super sparkly diamond from the best jewelers in Albuquerque than a round cut. Moreover, these cuts will be at lower price than the round cut diamonds.

When compared to all other shapes, heart and princess cut diamonds are classified as highly brilliant. These diamonds reflect about 70% of the light that enters it and distribute light beautifully. This is one of the reasons why these diamond shapes are popular. In fact, the princess cut is second next to the round for engagement settings. Analyze the cuts and choose the best that suit your budget and needs.

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